Golden sella best biryani rice

1121 Golden Sella Parboiled Basmati is full grain rice. The rice is packed in Diat 1121 Golden Sella 25kg BOPP packing. Firstly, the grain have pre cook length of approximate 8.35 mm. secondly, Post cooking length of approximate 20 mm.

Moreover, Out of all the different Types of Basmati Rice, this particular type of 1121 Golden Parboiled Sella Basmati rice. It is Number One choice of Chefs in HoReCa industry. HoReCa is the acronym for Hotel, Restaurant and Catering.

Above all, The texture of this rice makes is perfect suitable choice for chefs. Cooks and maharaj (Indian name for cook who are specialized for marriages and small gathering).

This rice is widely accepted and exported to Saudi Arabia. Its characteristics, texture and hardness post cooking result makes it widely acceptable. The main dishes used are non vegetarian especially like Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani, Dum Biryani.

In conclusion, out of many seeds of basmati, 1121 is one of the seeds of basmati rice. The main important point of 1121 seed is that it is the longest seed in basmati.

After when we choose 1121 seed of basmati then we look for what kind of rice we want to make as the final product.

There are 5 options like white parboiled, steam, brown, raw, and golden parboiled. So we choose golden parboiled and that is how we get Diat 1121 Golden Parboiled Sella Basmati rice.

Perfect for Non Vegetarian dishes, Biryani recipes. In Middle Eastern cuisine it is consumed in recipe dishes like Mandi and Khabsa.

1121 Golden sella basmati rice

1121 Golden sella basmati rice

Please check out our Youtube Video for 1121 Golden Sella Parboiled rice to see and know how the rice looks. All check out other types of different basmati rice as well.