Best Basmati brand Hindustan Times - Diat Article

Hindustan Times-Diat Article

Best Basmati Rice Brand

With Diat, consumers can be assured of the quality, Price and Consistency in the size of rice grains. The best basmati rice brand.

Firstly, at a time when hygiene is everything. Buyers prefer to purchase groceries in neat packing, with zero chance of contamination of any kind. In this direction, We are trying to change the experience of rice shopping for Grocery shoppers. Secondly, Packed with the genuine goodness of 1121 World’s best Basmati rice grain. Diat Basmati Rice comes in quality-conscious, hygienic packaging of 1kg, 5 kg, 10kg, and 25 kg.

No More Non-Packaged Rice

Thirdly, are you still forced to buy basmati rice stored loose in open, dusty drums? Loose rice that has changed, God knows, how many hands in reaching you? Or the basmati rice that is packed at the back of the store from a 50kg bag into smaller packs of 1kg or 5kg. Moreover, store-packed basmati rice is not available everywhere.

Since the world is reflecting on hygiene practices in daily life, it is time to give the regular rice packaging a makeover too. Diat Basmati Rice seeks to keep the loose basmati rice and open drums out of shops with its quality packaging.

Assurance of Quality

With Diat Basmati Rice, consumers can be assured of the quality, traceability, price and consistency in the size of rice grains. The quality-conscious consumer knows what it is to buy good Basmati rice. Rice may be just a commodity at the wholesale market, kirana stores, general stores, or other retailers. But for your family, it is the basis of a good meal or even a great feast or dawaat along with freinds.

Our range of Basmati rice and non-Basmati rice products meets all the quality standards at competitive prices. we source carefully and priced realistically. Our buying process, marked by fair price practice, encourages farmers to get better return on their hard work. Having a full range with certified tested quality in 1,5,10 & 25KG packing. above all, with packed rice a customer can be assured of quality whereas in loose quality and price can be altered and cannot be assured.

The Whole Range of Rice

Furthermore, unlike the unorganized wholesale market, and retail market, Diat Basmati products cover the whole range of genuine goodness of 1121 Basmati grain. 1121 being the type of Basmati seed. This is the longest Basmati grain in the world. We have a complete range of basmati rice varieties starting from Rs 25/- up to Rs 85/- per kg ex-factory prices, available in consumer and Horeca packs. Complete grain range starts from Swad to Royal Premium for Horea/institutional/bulk sales in 10/25Kg packing, Classic, Brown, and Dehraduni in 1/5Kg.

With the rising middle-class income, youth that has traveled the world, and enjoyed the best food products in every region. We are the best basmati rice brand at the right time in the market. However, we are also ready to diversify our operations.

We are open to collaborate/partner with other brands by doing private labels for them. The same we do for the export market and look for investors who believe in this space can contact us. Also check our Blogs for more update.

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