Buy Sella Basmati Rice

Buy Diat Sella basmati rice 3 different sella broken product. Firstly, both the product is packed with 1121 variety of Basmati rice. Secondly, the difference between three types is the size of the grain length. Our basmati rice give 2.5x times lamba in hindi, (elongation) result. The true identify of basmati ‘asli pehchan of basmati’ rice is not before cooking, it is after cooking. Moreover, our rice will cook 2.5 times the original size of the rice grain. So, broken Basmati rice is the Best buy.

Furthermore, check details below to find out the difference between three broken Basmati rice.

Biryani Sella: Is Tibar Sella basmati rice

buy sella basmati rice

 Biryani Sella rice bag 25 Kg


buy Sella Dubar basmati rice

Mumtaz basmati sella


buy sella mogra basmati rice

Mughal basmati sella


Below is the Table for easy understanding between Mogra, Dubar and Tibar Basmati rice. The basmati Seed is 1121 and the variety is parboiled which is also called sella in hindi.

Product Name  Biryani Sella  Mughal  Mumtaz
Trade Name Tibar Dubar Mogra
Size M ML L
Length Pre Cook (mm) 6.00 5.00 4.00
Length Post Cook (mm)
Grain Size Tip Broken Grain Full Grain Full Grain
Price Point Dialy Premium Dialy Premium Premium
Packing Size 25kg 10kg, 25kg 10kg, 25kg


In conclusion, Please also check our YouTube video to show the difference between Dubar basmati rice and Tibar Basmati rice.


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