Diat Agro is a Exporter, Miller, Manufacture of Basmati rice from India. We process and pack Basmati rice from Punjab and Haryana Paddy fields. The rice goes into multiple level of Quality inspection.one can get multiple level of packing options form our company. Diat Agro participated in various Food exhibitions and exporter miller, manufacture of Basmati Rice.

For export query quotations the most important are the below:

Firstly: Rice Quality and Variety

Rice Quality with Aveg. Length Variety Type
1121 – 8.40 mm Parboiled Steam Golden
1509 – 8.35 mm Parboiled Steam Golden
1401 – 7.80 mm Parboiled Steam Golden
Sughanda – 7.80 mm Parboiled Steam Golden
Sharbati – 7.20 mm mm Parboiled Steam Golden
PR11 – 6.90 mm Parboiled Steam Golden
IR64 – 6.00 mm Parboiled White



Please check our Basmati rice and Non-Basmati Rice page for better Quality understanding.



Secondly : Choose the Bag Type

Bag Type Jute Non Woven BOPP Laminate
Unit Size 1,5,10,20,40kg 1,2,4.5,5,10,20,25kg 5,10,25 kg 1,5 kg
Carton X X X Yes
Master Bag Yes Yes Yes X
Final bag 20Kg or 40kg 20Kg or 40kg 20Kg or 40kg 20Kg Only


Checkout the video for different packing options.


Note the Step by Step Procedure:

Finalize payment terms 30% advance and 70% on Scan Copy of Documents.
The Order Process Starts :-
1. Design Approval
2. Printing of bags
3. Order of cartons/Master Bags/Stickers/Labels
4. Fumigation Before Packing
5. Inspection before packing
6. Dispatch to Port
7. Send Draft copies of Shipping Documents
8. Scan Copies to the Importer
9. Deliver Top Quality Basmati Rice
10. Again Repeat the Same Order