To bridge the gap between basmati growers
and consumers worldwide by generating
value to them at each step.

Feel the Essence of the Holy River Godawari
Inspired by the purity of the river ‘Godawari’, comes our brand Godawari Basmati Rice. Cultivated in the foothills of Himalayas ,(home of geniune Basmati Rice) it is irrigated from the pure water coming from the melting of ice on himalyas. These natural geographic conditons are prime factors behind the unique characterstics of Diat Brown Basmati Rice. kepping diversification of our consumers taste and dynamic preference in focus we offer wide range under Godawari portfolio viz. Mogra select, Dubar Classic, Tiber Gold, Daily Khila, Everyday Select, Premium Special Basmati Rice. The varied range of Basmati Rice available thst not only will accept with your taste buds but is well known secret for mout watering recipes.

For Those Who Crave Equally For Both Taste And Health!

Diat is a symbol of quality, purity and nature’s harmony. Focus onto consumers who take little extra care about their health and to those who cherish whole grain foods all across the globe, Inspired by this bliss, come our brand Diat brown Basmati Rice a premium packaged quality brown basmati rice. True to its name Diat Brown Basmati is a product providing consumers ‘tasty’,’hygienic’,nutritional value’ to relish whole grain delicacy in our modern eventful lifestyle. This gives as advantages to replace what can be replaced for better quality products.