Diat Basmati 1121 Sultan Creamy Sella


1121 Parboiled Sella Basmati Creamy Rice

Diat Basmati Special Rice 25 kg


1121 Parboiled Sella Basmati Rice also known as creamny parboiled rice, parboiled sella rice, and white parboiled rice.Its wonderful length of the grain, separation of grains, excellent yield and taste. Every grain of rice is almost 18-20 mm in size after cooking. 1121 Parboiled Sella Basmati rice is in huge demand in exports and widely exported to all over the world. Specifically in middle east like Iran, Iraq, Palestine, U.A.E., Turkey are the major importing countries of 1121 Creamy parboiled rice.

Our company Export 1121 Parboiled Sella rice to middle east as well. And we have Participated in various Food Exhibitions around the World.

The Specification of 1121 Parboiled Sella Rice:

Average Length – 8.00-8.38mm
Foreign Matters- Nil
Yellow Grains – max 1 %
Paddy Grain- Nil
Broken – max 0.5 %
Moisture – max 13 %
Whiteness – 28-30

Table to give a snapshort for easy understanding.

Product Name Diat Sultan
Basmati Seed 1121
Basmati Yes
Variety Sella Parboiled
Trade Name Full Grain
Size XXL
Length Pre Cook (mm) 8.30
Length Post Cook (mm)
Grain Size Full Grain
Price Point Premium
Packing Size 10kg, 25kg

Please check our YouTube Video of Diat Sultan 1121 Parboiled Sella Rice.