Who we are?

From Paddy field to your Plate. Diat Agro Holding Private limited an ISO 22000-2005 & HACCP Certified Company is basmati supplier wholeseller manufacture. The company was formerly known as Balaji Tradexim Private Limited. Work as basmati rice supplier wholeseller manufacture agri miller.

We are an India located Basmati Rice and non-basmati rice manufacturer, miller, and merchant exporter supplier or wholesaler. Our Registered & Corporate Office is located in Delhi (The Capital City of India).

We are a 35-year-old company in rice industry. During this period, we work to supply all the types of Basmati rice to give excellent cooking results. We have the experience to work in both distribution channels in the Indian market and international overseas export market. We focus on generating value by supplying different qualities of Basmati and Non- Basmati Rice. Presently, we are exporting to U.A.E, Yemen, Qatar, Oman, Syria, Jordan, Somalia, Nigeria, Australia, Morocco &, etc.

Having enough experience as basmati rice supplier wholeseller manufacture agri industry gives us an edge to provide Quality Assurance, Competitive Prices, and Timely Delivery. Deal our clients with the highest level of trust & integrity.


What is Basmati Rice

Basmati is a long grain aromatic rice grown in a specific geographical area, at the Himalayan foothills of India. Firstly The term originates ‘BAS’ which means “aroma” and ‘Mati’ ‘Full of’ hence the word Basmati i.e.” full of aroma”. Basmati rice is unique species of rice among other aromatic long-grain rice varieties. Therefore the grain is blessed with characteristics, extra-long grain slender grains with aroma. Above all Basmati rice elongate at least twice its original size with a soft and fluffy texture upon cooking, delicious taste, superior aroma, and distinct flavor.

Our Mission

First, To bridge the gap between basmati growers and consumers worldwide by generating value at each step.

Second, provide and avail the Best 100% Pure Basmati product in the market to the customers at excellent prices in 1kg, 5kg, 10kg and 25kg.

Our Vision

Evolve as a company by providing complete health solutions in terms of products and services.

Increase awareness regarding choosing better grocery options and eating habits

Focus on increasing global presence into a newer market with newer healthy products.

Management Speak

“Quality is goodwill and goodwill is quality”

We at Diat Agro is a basmati rice supplier wholeseller manufacture agri. Assure and ensure from the very beginning of the business transaction to convert into a lasting relationship of integrity and trust. Firstly, Our main focus on quality rather than quality, and with quality, the quantity will flow. Secondly, I also believe by providing Quality to our customers, we are providing them value and by value I mean, you can trust us. In conclusion, I Would like to thank you for taking your precious time for us and I hope you had an informative experience. Above all we look forward to doing business with you.