Export Basmati Rice from Punjab and Haryana

India being Number 1 exporter of Basmati rice in the world, all the Basmati rice is packed and exported from Punjab and Haryana. We regularly participate in International Food Exhibitions namely SIAL Paris, Ahaar – Delhi, Anuga – Colone, Gulfood – Dubar, World food – Istanbul, World food – Moscow and Saudi Agro – Riyadh. The Farms or paddy fileds are in the State of Punjab and Haryana. The area is also given a Geographical Index (GI) tag and is recognized at World level. The rice which we pack for export is after stringent Quality inspections on several parameters like

  • Moisture %
  • Average Length
  • Broken %
  • Damage and Discolor
  • Free from weevils
  • 100% Clean and Sortex
  • Kett
  • Admixture %

Please check our Export Page for details on the basmati rice export products and Our 100% Quality inspection procedure.


Diat Basmati rice is regularly exporting to more than 22 countries. Namely, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, UAE, Morroco, Australia, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Palestine, Mauritius, Kazakhstan, Benin, Algeria, Egypt and many more.

We are satisfying our customers with complete Quality control and provide with various packing solutions.