royal premium best biryani rice

royal premium best biryani rice

1121 steam Basmati rice from Punjab is full head grain rice. The rice is packed in Diat 1121 Royal Premium Basmati Rice from Punjab. Available in 1kg, 5kg, 10kg and 25kg.

Laminated Packing – 3 Layer Metallic

1kg – Comes in 20Kg master carton packed by 1kg x 20 pack

BOPP packing – 3 Layer Metallic with Window

5Kg – comes in 20kg master outer bag packed by 5kg x 4

10kg – comes in 40kg master bag packed by 10kg x 4

25kg – comes in 25kg Metallic Shiny Bag with Quality seal

Firstly, the grain have pre-cook length of approximate 8.35 mm. Post cooking length of approximate 24-25 mm.

Our Diat Royal Premium Basmati Rice gives Guaranty 2.5x times Elongation which in ‘hindi means Lamba‘ and that is the ‘asli pehchan’ of Basmati Rice. We pack 1121 steam basmati Punjab the best 100% top Pure XXL rice.

1121 steam basmati rice

1121 steam basmati rice

Moreover, Out of all the different Types of Basmati Rice, this particular type of Diat Royal Premium 1121 Steam Basmati rice. It is Number One choice in Hyderabad Biryani, Tamil Nadu, chennai and windly used in daily meals.

Above all, The texture of this rice makes is perfect suitable choice for chefs. Cooks and maharaj (Indian name for cook who are specialized for marriages and small gathering).

This 1121 steam basmati rice is widely accepted Worldwide. Majorly exported to Qatar, Kuwait, Australia, Europe and America. The main dishes used are non vegetarian especially like Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani, Dum Biryani.

Please Check our Youtube 1121 Basmati rice video of Pre Cook and Youtube 1121 Basmati rice video of POST Cook so you see the length difference.